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Waponi’s founder Karen Morris Lanz lived and worked with the rarely contacted Huaorani tribe in remote Ecuador.


Now as an HR change specialist she knows what it means to change and to integrate with the new.

In Waponi HR we understand how human instinct has been misshapen and how important it now is to use what we know as human beings and combine that appropriately with technology. This is one of the greatest challenges we face as human beings in the next 50 years. We believe that we need to build sustainable lives, sustainable work and support a sustainable planet.

Karen Morris Lanz

Chartered Fellow CIPD
Managing Director and Founder

A highly qualified and experienced professional Executive with extensive multi industry exposure in both the public and private sectors. Specialising in Change management restructure and growth. Mergers and Acquisition .TUPE, ER and IR expert. Superb project management and delivery skills. Having worked at PLC board level for many years has gravitas and leadership experience to deliver the most highly complex and challenging HR projects. Pragmatic, innovative and highly driven Karen builds strong client and team relationships.


  • Major company restructure / change /growth/ expert ER/ IR acquisition/merger including full HR due diligence, transition and transformation.

  • TUPE Expert.

  • European and International skills including managing multiple location.

  • HR start up.

  • Global HR liaison and Collaboration with USA (east and west coast) and German Head offices. 

  • Establishing Best Practice and Innovation to ensure employee engagement. 

  • Management Development and succession planning.

  • Strategic planning of HR and HR turnaround.

Social responsibility



Waponi HR continues to support the Huaorani tribe in Bameno providing medicine and funding to enable the Huaorani to have a voice on the international stage. The community is fighting to save the rainforest and their homes from loggers and oil companies.

Click here to read the full article on the BBC of Karen Morris’ journey to meet the Huaorani tribe in remote Ecuador.

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